Will Obama Go to Russia in the Fall? Even If They Harbor Snowden?

Obama seems to have a need to be liked by dictators – folk like Vladimir Putin. It’s a serious case of recurring weak knee syndrome. So… our President is headed off for yet another “reset” with his favorite KGB agent. We make nice to Putin, and he stabs us in the back. It’s a recurring theme. We have no need for this narcissistic weasel, but our President courts his favor like a little puppy dog. Last time, Obama made nice to Putin by pulling the missile defense rug out from underneath two brand new allies, without even consulting them, and in return got… nothing. The West never learns; you don’t make nice, give something up, then hope to get something back. That’s not how grown ups play. If Putin doesn’t produce Snowden’s ass, in the U.S., on a silver, fully extradited platter, the President should be unavailable for a visit in September, due to “technical reasons,” or he’s a rat’s ass. Period. Anything less is giving away the store for free. Do we understand each other?


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