The Predictable Has Happened – “Putin to Obama: Drop Dead”

Little Boy Snowden, the young man who has admitted to having patriotically gotten a job as an NSA contractor for the sole purpose of obtaining gobs of sensitive information so that he could leak it it to the world at large, has been liberated from the Moscow airport transit area. Vladimir Putin, Czar of All the Russias, has granted him one year refugee status.

Now our intrepid President gets to show us (yet again) just what he’s made of. In the previous “reset” with Russia, Mr. Obama gave Mr. Putin everything he wanted, in return for nothing (well, not nothing – we humiliated two newly liberated allies that had just agreed to accept anti ballistic missile systems on their soil). Putin didn’t even like us in return – he just demanded more. It was Cold War redux. One might say that it was Carter-Brezhnev all over, and, predictably, Putin ate Obama’s lunch. If Mr. Obama has any sense of integrity, any sense of self respect, and above all else, any sense of respect for his country, he won’t meet with Mr. Putin in September, or ever, until Snowden is returned. No exceptions. There should be no meeting, at any level, to even discuss the issue. The return of Mr. Snowden should be the precondition for any further discussions. If the Russians want to pick up a U.S. business man on phony charges, to play the old tit for tat Cold War game, we should issue a travel advisory cautioning our citizens to avoid Russia, which is something they should do anyway, given the lack of a rule of law.

However, I expect Mr. Obama to meet with Putin in September, to no effect, though he will tout all sorts of reset accomplishments. I’m not an Obama hater, but the last five years have shown that he has little self respect, and even less respect for his country.


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